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Cloud Computing

Learn about cloud computing What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is the access to computers and their functionality via the Internet or a local area network. Users of a cloud request this access from a set of web services that manage a pool of computing resources (i.e., machines, network, storage, operating systems, application development environments, […]

Photoshop Tips And Tricks For Photo Retouching

When it comes to designing in Photoshop, there is a myriad of ways one could use to achieve a certain result, especially when it comes to photo retouching. Designers use technique they are most confident as well as comfortable with, which is great because it’s always useful to peek into the workflow of our colleagues […]

PSD to HTML/CSS Tutorials

In this article more than 20 Photoshop Tutorials showing you the tricks you need to convert you designs into HTML and CSS. Even with the best tutorials at hand cutting up designs isn’t a easy task. To make sure you get the job done tripwire magazine also provides a list of more than 20 Online […]

Iphone Application Source Code

Iphone Application Source  

Migrate sites

This is php script will copy zip files from one domain to another domain. <?php if ($_GET[xfer]) { if ($_POST[from] == “”) { print “You forgot to enter a url.”; } else { copy(“$_POST[from]”, “$_POST[to]”); $size = round((filesize($_POST[to])/1000000), 3); print “transfer complete.<br> <a><a href=\”$_POST[from]\”>$_POST[from]</a><br> <a><a href=\”$_POST[to]\”>$_POST[to]</a> : $size MB”; } } else { print “<form […]