Sabin Shrestha

Mr. Sabin Shrestha is a technology visionary and computer sysadmin, security specialist, Web Application, Website, Mobile developer, who thrives on solving complex problems. Sabin is an industry-recognized expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience in Nepal and Europe . His career is highlighted on starting and creating new companies, organizations and products. He loves creating new entities and discovering creative ways of solving complex problems. Sabin's primary love is sysadmin, cyber security; but, he understands in order to be successful at securing an organization, you must have a detailed understanding of OS, Programming, WAN LAN Networks and related fields. He is passionate about customer service and his role as a network, sysadmin, developer, security expert and always exceeds his clients' expectations. He is also the Founder of I.T. Experts Solution, Check International, Global Link Technology in Nepal.

About Me

Hi , Well to start with, I’m Sabin Shrestha, a Capricon by birth. I was born on 15th Jan place called Chainpur, Sankhuwasava, Nepal.  I have a beautiful wife Arati and younger bro Subash.  As u guys know and if u don’t I m IT professional currently  working as a System Manger in M/V Constellation Yacht. Our Office […]

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I am sabin shrestha working as a System Manger. Now i am in vacation at home. Hope you will enjoy my Site Download My Resume in Doc Format Download My Resume in PDF Format SEO

Linux Sites

Linux Learning Sites (Security related) (BEST PRACTICES)—the-ultimate-collection/ (cheat sheet) (0 day exploit) yum whatprovides

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You can download almost all ebooks from below link (magazine) Thanks Sabin Shrestha