Sabin Shrestha

Mr. Sabin Shrestha is a technology visionary and computer sysadmin, security specialist, Web Application, Website, Mobile developer, who thrives on solving complex problems. Sabin is an industry-recognized expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience in Nepal and Europe . His career is highlighted on starting and creating new companies, organizations and products. He loves creating new entities and discovering creative ways of solving complex problems. Sabin's primary love is sysadmin, cyber security; but, he understands in order to be successful at securing an organization, you must have a detailed understanding of OS, Programming, WAN LAN Networks and related fields. He is passionate about customer service and his role as a network, sysadmin, developer, security expert and always exceeds his clients' expectations. He is also the Founder of I.T. Experts Solution, Check International, Global Link Technology in Nepal.


Check the configuration parameters of Rman. Connect to Rman without catalog. Controlfile is used to store Rman metadata: You need to set the environment before invoking Rman: ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/product/11.1.0/db_1 ORA_CRS_HOME=/u01/app/crs ORACLE_PATH= $ORACLE_BASE/common/oracle/sql:.:$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin ORACLE_SID=mars1 $rman target / nocatalog RMAN> show all; RMAN>exit; ———————————– rman target / nocatalog <<EOF CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY TO REDUNDANCY 1; # […]

Configure Cisco Router

Configure Password ——————– 1. Change to global mode: config t 2. To Set enable password: enable password “chicagotech’ 3. To set secret password: enable secret “ms-mvp” Note: 1: Enable secret password is encrypted by default. Enable password is not. 2: If both enable secret and enable password are specified, the enable secret overrides the enable […]

CentOS Installing Audio Video # yum info xmms # yum install xmms-mp3 None of RedHat distributions ships with MP3 support because patent issues. In CentOS 4 you have 3 choices: a) Use Rhythmbox: in my opinion, I don’t recomended this option. This program crash a lot !. For put MP3 support download and install this RPM: […]

Repair Centos 5 lvm filesytem

1) linux rescue 2) skip mounting and go to command prompt 3) Run the following command to activate the LVM partition lvm vgchange -a y 5)You should be able to address the activated LVMs. If you have trouble with their naming, run: lvm lvscan 6) check the partition fdisk -l 7) Check and repair each […]