Centos 7 Kannel 1.4.5 and MariaDB 10.3 Install and Configure 2018

Centos 7 Kannel 1.4.5 and MariaDB 10.3 Install and Configure 2018 SEP How to install kannel in centos 7 (patch) yum update yum groupinstall ‘Development tools’ -y yum install openssl-devel openjade jadetex docbook-style-dsssl texlive-dvips ghostscript transfig ImageMagick libxml2-devel bison-devel byacc texlive-collection-xetex -y transfig error wget rpm -Uvh transfig ====================================================== Kannel do not work […]

Centos 7 Lamp

1) Basic Setup a) change default root password to hard one #passwd root b) create user # adduser sabin # passwd sabin ip address yum update yum wget yum install  yum-utils traceroute bind-utils fail2ban net-tools nmap telnet links chrony epel-release-latest-7 -y yum install -y systemctl enable chronyd systemctl disable postfix hwclock date timedatectl […]

Amazon Web Services EC2 S3 Auto Scale

  Introduction to Amazon Web Services [Video]   Getting Started with Amazon EC2 – Install, Configure, Connect     Auto Scale with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)   Scalarium introduction to EC2 Cluster Management Oreally webcast ec2 Tutor   amazone s3 online harddrive   Introduction to Private Cloud Computing with Ubuntu Enterprise […]

Cloud Computing

Learn about cloud computing What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is the access to computers and their functionality via the Internet or a local area network. Users of a cloud request this access from a set of web services that manage a pool of computing resources (i.e., machines, network, storage, operating systems, application development environments, […]

linux admin note

Syslog QUOTA NFS Samba SSH TELNET SQUID BIND SENDMAIL POSTFIX PROXY HTTPD FTP DHCP YP LDAP PPPD NTP MRTG TRIPWIRE PAM Password Security Encryption Process security firewall xinetd, tcp_wrappers iptables security tools PortForwarding selinux ======================================================================== Libarary source | compiler | Object code | linkear | staticlibrary,Dynamic library,statically linked executable code, Dynamically linked executablecode | loader […]