# yum info xmms
# yum install xmms-mp3

None of RedHat distributions ships with MP3 support because patent issues.

In CentOS 4 you have 3 choices:

a) Use Rhythmbox: in my opinion, I don’t recomended this option. This program crash a lot !. For put MP3 support download and install this RPM:

You will need other packages like gsm that you found in Dag repository (look b option).

b) Install XMMS and MP3 support, download APT from Dag website, it’s here :

After open a terminal and run:
apt-get update
apt-get install xmms xmms-mp3

c) Install Beep Media Player, it’s a XMMS fork written in GTK2. It looks better than XMMS. You find the packages here:

Most of the libraries that are not in CentOS, are in Dag repository.

For example liblirc is here

You can find more packages here:

Install the Dag repo into Yum using the instruction found at

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