The advent of the Internet has created new opportunities for freelancing, particularly for software developers from countries with low average salaries. A number of websites have become bustling marketplaces for farming out software development projects to freelancers at rates generally considered rock-bottom by Western standards. Such websites typically provide a convenient central forum for posting job requests, rating and documenting history to judge potential buyers and sellers, an escrow system to protect participants from fraud, and arbitration in the event of disagreements between the coder and the buyer. The system for setting prices is usually organized as a reverse auction.

Freelancing JOBS

1) Project Management and Reseach & Development

2) Web Development using
HTML, Java script, VB Script, CGI (using C and Pearl), LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP), AJAX , XHTML, ASP, JSP, DHTML, Flash, XML, WAP, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, XHTML, CSS, Standard Template Library, PHP smarty Template ( Adv. Java 5 (3 TIER, JDBC, Networking, J-Beans, RMI-IIOP, Servlet, CORBA, EJB, JMS, JTS, JNDI, JM, IDL, J2EE, WAP, JSP, XML) WAP Programming, Flash with Action Script, Photoshop, Image Ready, Coral Draw, Freehand, Illustrator etc

3)Software Development using
C, C++, Visual Basic, Java 5 (Core Java, Swing, JDBC, Networking, J-Beans, RMI-IIOP
Servlet, CORBA, EJB, JMS, JTS, JNDI, JM, IDL, J2EE, WAP, JSP, XML), UML, Pearl, Python, Bash Scripting, D2K, C# (C Sharp), VB6, VB Dot net, Crystal Report, Pascal, Dot Net Tech, Delphi,

Consultant Services

1)Vast, Router, Firewall, IDS & Switch
Cisco IOS, Firewall, IDS, Routers 1600/1800/3700,Stack Catalyst 3750 POE Switch, Microtick Routers , Wireless Devices. Stack Switch, VLAN, VSAT etc

2) Operating System
Sun Solaris, Unix, AIX, BSD, Redhat, Debain, Fedora, Suse, Mac OSX , Linux Kernel 2.4/2.6 with Advance Bash, Pearl Script Programming and Configuring Servers like (Qmail, Sendmail, Postfix, Bind DNS Server, RAS, Squid Proxy Server, WHM/Cpanel, Plesk, Apache Web Server, Tomcat, Samba, NFS, PPPOE, Clustering, Load-balancing, NAS, LDAP, DFS, ACL, SeLinux, PPOE, Openvpn, Radius Server, Router more), Windows 2003 Servers (Active Directory, GPO, ACL, Template, Certificates,  VPN, DNS, DHCP, RAS, DFS, IP Security, Internet / Firewall Security, Monitoring) , Lotus Notes Domino 6, Exchange Server 2003, ISA Server 2003 , Critix Server

3)Security & Monitoring
Hardening Unix Installations,Router Security, ACL,IPSEC on Linux, FreeBSD and Cisco,OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris , MAC OSX, Linux like OS,Linux Iptables, Ipchains, TCP Wrapper, Selinux,Cisco PIX Firewall, Routers 1600/1800/3700,Stack Catalyst 3750 POE Switch etc, IDS,Remote Access Server,Nagios / Oreon / MRTG / RRD / Cacti / Netflow/ Sflow/ Munin, RADIUS/TACACS+/Diameter  Server(freeradius, gnu radius, openradius, jraidus),Bandwidth Management and Monitoring (netlimiter, bandwithmonitor, microtik,,PPP, PPOE, VPN, RAS, VOIP DNS, FTP, Active Directory, ISA ,Mail, Proxy Servers

4) Networking & Design:
Configuring and Troubleshooting Cisco Routers, Firewall, VPN with TCPIP,RIP,IGRP,EIGRP OSPF protocols in LAN and WAN. Configuring Stack VLAN, Designing Network Infrastructure,
Configuring Wireless LAN, ISP, Fiber Optics, Gigabit Ethernet, CAT 5e etc
Secure, Diagnose and Troubleshoot them

Oracle 10g (SQL, PLSQL, DBA, Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning), MS SQL Server 2003, My-SQL, Access with VBA Programming

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