Download My Resume in Doc Format Download My Resume in PDF Format

Download My Resume in Doc Format Download My Resume in PDF Format

Mr. Sabin Shrestha ,

Cell: 00977-9803022736, Home: 00977-1-2004314

Kamalpokhari, Ward no. 33, Kathmandu, Nepal

A) Target Job

Job Title: Project Manager, Research and Development Manager, Internet Security Manager, Backup and Recover Manager, System Manager, System / Database Administrator, Network Administrator, System/Network/Database/e-commerce Software Developer, Analyst, Designer, IT Consultant

B) Key Skill:

· Project Manager, Software & System Analyst and Designer.

· Providing Sun Solaris/AIX/Unix/Linux/Windows Server, Critix Server, Cisco Router, Switch, AP, Call Manger, PIX Firewall, Maritime VSAT Administration.

· Mysql Web Database, Oracle ,SQL Server Administration, Performance Tuning, Security, Backup, Diagnose and troubleshooting over Linux and Windows.

· Providing Internet Security, LAN, WAN, Wireless, Network Infrastructure Designer, E-PBX, VOIP (FreePBX, TriBox, Voiceguide, SIP,IAX,Zapata ) Diagnose and troubleshoot them.

· Configuring, Manage, Diagnose, Troubleshooting Cisco Routers, Firewall, IDS, VPN, VOIP

· Developing a Software in Various Platform like C, C++, Java, J2EE, Dot Net. , Flash, VB script, LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP), JSP, ASP, HTML (XHTML), CSS, DHTML, Java Script, Pearl, Bash, Standard Template Library, PHP smarty Template ( and many web based programming

C) Certification:

· Redhat Certified (RHCT) (Certificate no. 609004518008697)

· Adv Diploma APTECH (2 years) (1996-1998)

· Cisco CCNA & CCNP, CCDA, CCDP Trained (2005)

· CWNA, CWNP Trained (2005)

· Certified Ethical Hacking Trained (2005)

· Microsoft MCSE Trained (2005)

· Java JCP (SCJP), Jave EE Trained (2004)

· Oracle OCP,OCA Trained (2004)

D) Academic Education:

· Bachelor in Computer Science (2003),
Jadavpur University (Salt Lake City College), Kolkata, India

E) Personal Particulars:

Date of Birth: 15 Jan, 1980, PPNO: 3191887, DOE: 04-09-2016, Citizen no: 027-27434
Home Address: Kamalpokhari, Ward no: 33
Marital Status: Married
KATHMANDU, State: Bagmati Country/Nationality: Nepal

F) IT Skill Experience

Last Used : System / Database Administrator, Project Manager, Research & Development Manager, Network Designer, Software & E-commerce Analyst, Designer and Developer
Skill Level: Expert
Exp. Years: 2


Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux like OS, Windows Server 2x, Critix Server, Oracle 11g, D2K, Java & Java Enterprise Edition (JEE 5), Internet Security, Cisco Router, Switch, AP, Phones Network Design, LAMP , AJAX

i. Enviroment

· Sun Solaris, Unix, AIX, BSD, Redhat, Debain, Fedora, Suse, Mac OSX ,Advance Bash, Pearl Script Programming and Configuring Servers like (Qmail, Sendmail, Postfix, Bind DNS Server, RAS, Squid Proxy Server, WHM/Cpanel, Plesk, Apache Web Server, Tomcat, Jboss, Glassfish, Samba, NFS, PPPOE, Clustering, Load-balancing, NAS, LDAP, DFS, ACL, SeLinux, Openvpn, ldap, Radius Server, NAS, alteon switch, htc, Router more),

· Cisco IOS, Firewall, IDS, Routers 1600/1800/3700,Stack Catalyst 3750 POE Switch

· Windows 2003 Servers (Active Directory, GPO, ACL, Template, Certificates, VPN, DNS, DHCP, RAS, DFS, IP Security, Internet / Firewall Security, Monitoring) ,

· Exchange Server 2003, ISA Server 2003 , Critix Server

ii. Security & Monitoring

· Hardening Unix Installations

· Router Security, ACL

· IPSEC on Linux, FreeBSD and Cisco

· OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris , MAC OSX, Linux like OS

· Linux Iptables, Ipchains, TCP Wrapper, Selinux

· Cisco PIX Firewall, Routers 1600/1800/3700,Stack Catalyst 3750 POE Switch etc, IDS

· Remote Access Server

· Nagios / Oreon / MRTG / RRD / Cacti / Netflow/ Sflow/ Munin

· RADIUS/TACACS+/Diameter Server(freeradius, gnu radius, openradius, jraidus)

· Bandwidth Management and QoS

· PPP, PPOE, VPN, RAS, VOIP DNS, FTP, Active Directory, ISA ,Mail, Proxy Servers

iii. Programming languages:

C, C++, Visual Basic, Java 5 (Core Java, Swing, JDBC, Networking, J-Beans, RMI-IIOP
Servlet, CORBA, EJB, JMS, JTS, JNDI, JM, IDL, J2EE, WAP, JSP, XML), UML, Pearl, Python, Bash Scripting, D2K, C# (C Sharp), VB6, VB Dot net, Crystal Report, Pascal, Dot Net Tech, Delphi,


Oracle 10g (SQL, PLSQL, DBA, Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning), MS SQL Server 2003, My-SQL, Access with VBA Programming

v. Web Page Designing and Programming:

HTML, Java script, VB Script, CGI (using C and Pearl), LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP), ASP, JSP,DHTML, Flash, XML, WAP, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, XHTML, CSS, Standard Template Library, PHP smarty Template ( Adv. Java 5 (3 TIER), WAP Programming, Flash with Action Script, Photoshop, Image Ready, Coral Draw, Freehand, Illustrator etc

vi. Networking & Design:

Configuring and Troubleshooting Cisco Routers, Firewall, VPN with TCPIP,RIP,IGRP,EIGRP OSPF protocols in LAN and WAN. Configuring Stack VLAN, Designing Network Infrastructure,
Configuring Wireless LAN, ISP, Fiber Optics, Gigabit Ethernet, CAT 5e etc
Secure, Diagnose and Troubleshoot them

G) Maritime Training

  • Crowd Management, Crisis Management and Human Behavior Training
  • Personal Survival Techniques (STCW ’95 Reg.VI/1 STCW Code A Table A-VI/1-1)
  • Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting (STCW ’95 Reg.VI/1 STCW Code A Table A-VI/1-2)
  • Elementary First Aid (STCW ’95 Reg.VI/1 STCW Code A Table A-VI/1-3)
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (STCW ’95 Reg.VI/1 STCW Code A Table A-VI/1-4

H) Work Experience:

i). VShips (UK) MV-Constellation. (UK Company)
System Manager (Full-time 2007 Feb – cont.)

· Configuring, Monitor, Backup, Troubleshoot, Secure, Maritime VSAT, comtech sat modem, Cisco Router 3700, Catalyst Switch 3950 POE 8 Stack, VOIP, AP, Cisco call Manager, PIX Firewall, Cisco Phones, RAC Server, Windows 2003 Domain Controller, with Critix Server, DFS, DNS, DHCP, Hp Thin Client, Redhat Linux, SQL Server Administration, Mail Server, Trangberg Steamer, Kasenna VOD Server, Primetel Video and mp3 on Demand portal, IP TV and STB, Radio Operations.

ii a). Javra Software B.V. (Holland based Company)
System Administrator (Part-time 2006-2007.)

· Configuring, Monitoring, Troubleshooting VPN and Linux Server for Nepal and Holland.

· Giving Support on Linux & UNIX, Postfix, web for its client in abroad.

ii b). Microtech International Pvt. Ltd (Sundhara Kathmandu)
Database & System Administrator / Assistant Manager / Software Analyst, Designer, Developer/Software Project Manager/Research & Development Manager (
2004 – 2006 Aug.)

· Developed Software for Domestic Airline Reservation for RNAC Abacus.

· Installation, configuring, Backup, securing & Troubleshooting, mail, web
and proxy, DFS, Domain, DNS server and giving them supports at RNAC, DHM, IRD,
Abacus, Tourism Board, Department of irrigation, Marco polo, CIAA, RWSS,

· Hosting a Data-center (international & national reservation) for Abacus system.

· Developing new product for the company.

· Configuring, Troubleshooting Long Distance Wireless Network.

iii.) Admin0 (U.S. based Company online jobs)
System Administrator 2003(Jan) to 2004(Oct)

· Installation and configuring software on servers Online in Linux Windows 2000.

· Monitoring Security and Troubleshooting Servers, Giving Security, Support to Client.

· Creating Integrated Software’s in C & C++ (Socket, serial port programming etc).

· Developing E-commerce websites for international company in LAMP Environment.

iv.) United Insurance Pvt. Ltd (DurbarMarg)
Database & System Administrator / Software Dev. 2001(December) to 2002(December)

· Installation of hardware and software

· Troubleshooting and implementation of network in WinNT / Linux

· Configuration of LAN based on WinNT server, Database Server and Database Clients

· Developing Software in VB, Java, Oracle

v.) Informatics Computer (Jamal)
A Singapore Company
Lecturer & System Admin (full-time) 1997 June to 2002 Sept

· Training and classes of IT and ITE ( 3 years Bachelor in Computer Science) related modules
(Moderate and validated by University of Cambridge, Local Examination Syndicate UK)

· Managing assignment for both ITT and ITE courses

· Helping the student to perform their project activities System

Administrator Part-time (1 hour a day) June 1999 Dec 2002

· Installation Troubleshooting of hardware and software

· Troubleshooting and implementation of network

· Configuration & Maintains of LAN based on Win2000 adv. server & Linux

· Configuration & Maintaining of Database Server Oracle, SQL Server and Database Clients

vi.) Projects and Part-time jobs

· Developed A Airline Reservation System (GDS)

· Developed Payroll, Accounting, Library, MIS, Games, Travel Agent system etc

· Made a communication database for Abacus in (LAMP Environment)

· Designing Maintaining and Hosting the Abacus Data Center in Linux/Unix

· Done Designing, Modeling & Database Administration for Airline Reservation, securing, tuning, backup, troubleshooting, maintenance etc

· Done Lots of Projects in C, C++, Oracle, D2k, J2EE, JSP, Pearl, PHP, E-commerce Websites, Securing, Designing and Implementing of LAN & WAN Networks with Unix, Linux, Windows Server Setup, System Analysis and Designing, backup and tuning of Database. Network Infrastructure Designer, Diagnose and Troubleshoot them

· Installing, designing Mail server, Domain Server, Web servers, Firewall, IDS, VPN for various Organization

· Design and maintain a major sites like, , , (communication Database using LAMP),,, etc

I) Languages

i. English: Fluent (Written & Speaking)ii. Nepali: Nativeiii. Newari: Native

K) Acceptable Travel: Negligible

L) Relocation: Worldwide

M) Visited Country: France, UK, Italy, Spain, German, Malta, Greece, Monaco, India, China

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