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This is php script will copy zip files from one domain to another domain. <?php if ($_GET[xfer]) { if ($_POST[from] == “”) { print “You forgot to enter a url.”; } else { copy(“$_POST[from]”, “$_POST[to]”); $size = round((filesize($_POST[to])/1000000), 3); print “transfer complete.<br> <a><a href=\”$_POST[from]\”>$_POST[from]</a><br> <a><a href=\”$_POST[to]\”>$_POST[to]</a> : $size MB”; } } else { print “<form […]

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Successful Freelancing for Web Designers Notes

Successful Freelancing for Web Designers Notes Essential Habits of an Effective Professional Freelancer (Rob Smith) Common Questions of Web Designers (Andy Rutledge) The Designer Who Delivers (Aurimas Adomavicius) Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make (Robert Bowen) The Importance of Customer Service (Robert Bowen) Creatively Handling the Admin Side of Freelancing (Robert Bowen) Pitching Like a Pro (Cameron […]


SEO Frequently Asked Questions Questions about¬†Google’s PageRank, and ranking in general, and how to gain some points, by natural ways, without to use bad practices as cloaking and spamming and other forbidden artifacts that may lead you to the black list… General questions How do I know if my pages are indexed by Google? How […]